Wine Club


Bella Vista Wine Clubs Thank you for considering the Bella Vista Wine Club.

Bella Vista Winery invites you to become a member of the Bella Vista Wine Connoisseur Club. Owners, Imre and Gizella Cziraki, would like to include you – our friends and lovers of wine – to join our circle of friends.

Members benefit from our exceptional wine collection and special events.

Signing up is easy, just fill out the form below & read our agreement:


  • Receive 3 bottles of Bella Vista Wine, Wine pairing recipes and newsletter every 3 months.
  • 20% discount on online orders and purchases of wine in winery for Bella Vista Wine Connoisseur Club Members.
  • 1 Weekly Complimentary Tasting for two and 50% discount on tasting for other members of your group. (5 person maximum)
  • Discounts on Bella Vista Winery Events.
  • Quarterly Wine Pick Up Parties 
Only $12.00 for Wine Club Members (2)
$18.00 for Wine Member's Guests
Party includes Dinner, Dessert, 2 Glasses of Wine, and Dancing!


Membership Guidelines

In the event that you need to cancel your wine club membership (within the 6-month period) there will be an early cancellation fee of $30.00 to offset merchant service fees, free wine tasting, and winery discount purchases.  After a mandatory 6-month membership your membership may be cancelled at any time, with a thirty (30) day prior notice in WRITING ONLY.  Telephone cancellations are not allowed.  Thank you for choosing Bella Vista Wine Connoisseur Club!  We honor your privacy and never sell or distribute your mail or email address to anyone.  Please contact us with any questions or requests.  You can email us at

Bella Vista Wine Connoisseur Club members automatically receive deliveries of three bottles of Bella Vista Wine four times throughout the year.  The wines may be a combination of pre-released, newly released, limited, or special bottlings.  The convenient home or office deliveries are charged to your VISA or MASTERCARD.

In order to receive your Wine Club member discount on the same day you join, you must agree to be immediately charged for three bottles of wine. Remember, by signing up, you are voluntarily committing yourself to at least a 6 month membership that will include 2 wine shipments.  UPS does not deliver to Post Office Boxes whatsoever.  We require that UPS obtain a signature for all of our shipments regardless of location to avoid fraudulent activity.  All members are also responsible for notifying us of any change in address, e-mail or other pertinent information.  By signing this application, you certify to have read, understood, and agree to all terms and conditions indicated within. Bella Vista reserves the right to refuse or cancel this service at any time without prior warning or notice.  Please contact us at any time with your questions or concerns regarding your membership.


By submitting this for you would like to become a member of the Bella Vista Connoisseur Wine Club.  I understand that I will receive four (4) three bottle shipments per year, and that my credit card will be automatically be charged for each bottle of wine included with each wine club shipments (plus applicable shipping, handling and tax) at the time of shipment.  (Please note: If you choose to be on our WILL CALL List, your credit card will automatically be charged for your wine at the same time our regular shipment goes out.)